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BMB Karaoke Sound Processor & 2500W Professional Power Amplifier

$1,698.00 $2,500.00
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1. KSP-100 Karaoke Processor / Mixer

The BMB KSP-100 is a state-of-the-art Karaoke sound processor with clear and high sound quality. Designed, engineered, and made in Japan, the KSP-100 uses advanced technology to deliver a new dimension of sound balance, spread, and ease of use in any environment. You can adjust settings for the best sound for any type of room by using downloadable sound editing software and making your advanced adjustments with a PC in addition to controls built-in to the front panel.

The voice effect feature - HANAMICHI - is pre-installed so the orchestra sound shifts from side to side while the user sings in the center. The Room Acoustic feature is also installed so you can automatically adjust the sound field to all environments depending on the shape of the room and the material of the walls, the floor and the ceiling. There are nine "Preset Scene" types, which can only be called up, and nine "User Scene" types of saving parameters that you have set.  An Anti-Feedback feature is used to assure the best indoor feedback control. BMB is a top manufacturer originating from Japan and this is a genuine BMB, Best Music Brand, product!

The KSP-100 is equipped with Roland Corporation's V-Remastering technology for unrestricted use of a multitude of individual instrument sounds. This allows the musical accompaniment to be split throughout the left and right channels, to give a stereo effect. The vocals cut right through the music, down the center channel, providing the user with the so-called Hanamichi effect, which optimizes the ease of singing. This makes it easier to hear the vocals, and makes it easier for the singer to perform. These settings can be stored as a "scene" and recalled whenever you want. This system also includes an Auto-switching function that detects video and audio input signals, as well as various specialized sound equalizing tools. With many inputs and adjustments, BMB's KSP-100 is definitely the mixer to have in your lineup.

Remote control available separately.

Download PC Editor Software

Take control of KSP-100 with your PC! Just connect this sound processor to your computer with a USB cable.

Download System Update – Download System Update Manual

Download Instruction Manual

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  • 2. IDOLpro IP-500 2500W Professional Power Amplifier

  • 1. Low noise design set for professional audio applications: This series power amplifier is closely 0dB noise even you adjust the volume highest when without any audio input. It fully gives you a stable quality sound and the most confidence for setting up your applications.

    2. Auto estimate and protect the system by intellectualized system: This series power amplifier has long over-hit-protection, open delay, power shock protection. It helps the unit working more reliable. Unlike some normal power amplifiers, this power amplifier will automatically remain product’s functions, even though the unit suddenly get cut off or overload to avoid unwanted problems in future.

    3. Optional audio sensitivity: Do you wonder why some audio systems often damage the alt unit? The answer is using incorrect power amplifier. Power amplifier the peak T.H.D not also makes lower quality sound but also becomes a killer of the alt unit. This power amplifier IP-500 adjusts itself automatically for input and output signals. For instance, when the clipping is coming, it automatically slower an input signal and limit the alt range to protect your costly audio system.

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