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KARAOKE SYSTEM 33 - NEWEST MODEL: 2021 IDOLPRO IPS-650 1,600 WATTS - IP-3600II - UHF310 - 61,000 Video Songs & & YouTube In One App

$1,998.00 $2,500.00

Professional Karaoke Packages Special Include:

1. IP-3600II Professional Digital Echo Mixing Amplifier With Bluetooth, Optical & Recording NEW 2021 ( $599 ) ( USA )

2. PAX Karaoke & YouTube In One | Kodi | 4K | 62,000 VIDEO SONGS | 5,000 GBs - MODEL 2021 Newest Model: 2020's. ( $549 ) ( You can search any song from the Hard Drive and Youtube same time, same app )

3. IDOLpro IPS-650 800W 10"Woofer 3 Way Professional Karaoke Speakers. Newest Model: 2021 (Pair) ($699 ) ( USA )

4. IDOLpro UHF-310 Limited Edition Professional Performance Dual Wireless Microphone System. ( $399 ) ( USA )


PAX Karaoke & YouTube In One | Kodi | 4K | 62,000 VIDEO SONGS | 6,000 GBs - MODEL 2020 Newest Model: 2021's. 

PAX-Mini series is THE BEST Karaoke Player in the market

Why can we claim our player is the best Karaoke player Audio/Video in the market There is no player in the market can auto volume control audio from Youtube. but we do. PAX mini not only normalize the volume, but it also remasters the audio track on the fly to achieve the best sound of possible.

There is no dissect karaoke song's audio and go through all the normalization and remix them back, it is time wasted, No more just drop the song into our player the Advanced hardware and software will give you the BEST karaoke sound there is On top of that you can change pitch on any song at a press of a button Support 4K video with Auto-Volume Control and Remaster Audio on Fly. Ready For Your Entertainment! Any Party, Any Songs, Or simply Enjoy High-quality Music! Direct Stream Digital (DSD) files

Based on our popular PAX Karaoke series. The new PAX-Mini Entertainment System is a leap forward in to the digital entertainment future for any party, event or simly enjoy an high-end audiopliles audio such DSD, FLAC, DSF! It features a host of new functions and higher audio and visual performance by sporting a Realtek 1295 chipset, ARM CA53 x4,Mali-T820 MP3 L2 Cache 1MB. 2G DDR4, 16G EMMC with built-in H265, H264 video codec, high-end A to D converter, dual RJ45 for WAN and LAN.

IDOLpro IPS-650 800W 10"Woofer 3 Way Professional Karaoke SpeakersNewest Model: 2021

IDOlpro has just hit the market for a new professional speaker line IPS-650. Speakers are designed with horizontal transverse dimension is moderately high and deep. The top speaker is designed with screw holes for more convenient hanging on the ceiling. 

A sound system for professional karaoke has many components including speakers, amplifiers and microphone and speakers are a key component. IPS – 650 provides both soft and strong for bass, mid-range and pleasant sound unlike other karaoke speakers. The composition of this speaker is quite compatible with most karaoke amplifier on the market. In some case, when the room is too large or open space that need more sub-woofer support or bass filled, IPS-650 speakers will handle the problem nicely.

IP-3600II Professional Digital Echo Mixing Amplifier With Bluetooth, Optical & Recording. Newest Model: 2021's.

The new affordable IDOLpro IP-3600 responds directly to the needs and requirements of karaoke professionals and home users desiring a high quality professional mixing amplifier with a wife dynamic range and new, advanced BBE sound enhancements. The IP-3600 is loaded with advanced karaoke features such as Music Master, Mic Master controls, Key Control and Professional Digital Echo with separate repeat and delay control,recording to USB, . Packed with 1300w of pure power, the IP-3600 provides the superior pure professional sound along with the quality and durability that IDOLpro has become famous for.

    IDOLpro UHF-310 Limited Edition Professional Performance Dual Wireless Microphone System. Newest Model: 2021's

    IDOLpro UHF-310 Microphone set is the perfect match for traveling DJs/KJs. With 100-built in frequencies per microphone, you'll never run into any interference. The automatic frequency scanning technology scans the area to see what frequencies are not in use and selects that best one for you. The microphone is programmed to that frequency via infrared technology.


    Professional stage , UHF, Pll circuit; channel 10 group a total of 100 free choice set

    Open environment effective distance can reach more than 100 meters

    Two wireless channels

    In sound code lock reception mode and quartz, can ensure the stability of the system

    Using high sensitivity and wire frequency response of moving-coil senior cartridge, no matter boy and girl can show the original sound

    The use of advanced audio compression circuit, effectively inhibit the generation of noise

    The precisions of circuit design, can meet normal use of poor weather conditions.

    Microcomputer control of PLL phase- locked loop oscillation circuit, stable performance and easy setting.

    Infrared automatic frequency function, greatly simplifies the complexity of operation.

    The LCD digital display mode, make the operation more intuitive. Receiver built-in transmitter power supply, power detection circuit can permanently solve the microphone transmitter power shortage of embarrassment.

    It has two set audio output balance and imbalance, and any mixer, power amplifier is connected.

    The standard 19 inch case, can match with any standard cabinets


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