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The Little Doll And The Big Giant - Bup Be Nho Xiu Va Chang Khong Lo - Tac Gia: Duong Thuy - Book

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This is the English version of "Búp bê nhỏ xíu và chàng khổng lồ" of Dương Thụy, the author who has used her experiences to write a number of novels in which she has weaved both the western and the eastern cultures into works of art.
"France, for me, was not a simple country to visit. It was a place that always emotionally touched me whenever I returned, for I was able to speak the language I had learned during my childhood years, and to hug the dear French people who saw me as a family member. I had a love for France which I could not describe. I only knew that there was an invisible cord connecting my heart to that beautiful land. And, of course, the French people I've known for decades have a deep-down dear love for me, far beyond a normal friendship." - Duong Thuy

Thông tin chi tiếtTác giả: Dương Thụy
Nhà xuất bản: Nxb TrẻMã Sản phẩm: 8934974180616Khối lượng: 400.00 gamNgôn ngữ: Tiếng Việt
Định dạng: Bìa mềm
Kích thước: 20 x 13 cm
Ngày phát hành: 2022
Số trang: 200

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