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Vang Số Singtronic DSP-888Pro Professional Digital Echo Key Control Mixer, Processor, Feedback Eleminator with Optical & Coax Model: 2020 Control by Iphone & Ipad

$599.00 $999.00

Special Features:

    • Equipped with WIFI and free app for real time wireless controlling on smart devices.
  • Easy setup and operation, with an enhanced user interface
  • Digital LED Screen Display Function.
  • Digital audio processing system with DSP Multi-digital Reberb, more superior sound and vocal effect
  • Using 32-bit high-performance DSP and AD / DA, 24-bit, 48K sampling pure digital professional KTV front effects.
  • Unique Microphone Feedback Eliminator, there are 4 levels of intensity adjustable.
  • Professional Digital Echo Effect.
  • Variety of Reverb effect Type: Hall / Room / Plate
  • 15-Band PEQ for music and two ways MIC, noise gate, HPF / LPF.
  • Microphone Actualors make easy light singing.
  • 10 Individual Mode Parameter Memory Stored.
  • Karaoke and theater modes have six independent output channels which are adjustable independently.
  • Optical fiber and coaxial digital audio input will help karaoke mode is more perfect and reproduce sound theater in 5.1 channel format.
  • Six separate and adjustable signal Volume outputs: Main L&R: Surround L&R: Center: Subwoofer
  • Featuring mute function to avoid damaging speakers.
  • 4 microphone inputs: 2 Front & 2 Back with high-pass filter and low-pass filter
  • 3 inputs of volume potentiometer: Music, Microphone & Effect.
  • 3 inputs of stereo audio VOD/AUX/BGM
      • 1 Optical & 1 Coax Input (Can connect directly from Smart TV via Optical Output for Youtube Karaoke)
  • Output Channel: Main output (R/L) / Center / SUB / Surr. (L/R)
  • REC Output.
  • Wifi Wireless Connection through PC Sofware & Iphone / Ipad Apps controlled.
  • 2 level lock function. Standy function.
  • USB port in front
  • Built in cooling fan.
  • Remote Control Unit.
  • Specifications:


    • Frequency Range: 20Hz ~ 20KHz
    • Maximum input level: -15.0dBV
    • Maximum output level: +14.5dBu
    • SNR: >95dB (close effect: EQ, delay, compression limit, ect. MIC. channel)
    • Frequency Response: +/- 1dB 20Hz ~ 20kHz

    Music Channel:

    • Frequency Range: 20Hz ~ 20KHz
    • Maximum input level: +12dBV
    • Maximum output level: +14.5dBu
    • SNR: >100dB (close effect: EQ, delay, compression limit, ect. MUSIC channel)
    • Frequency Response: +/- 1dB 20Hz ~ 20kHz

    Support Ipad and Iphone App:

    How to connect the processor to smart phone through Wi-Fi.

    • Please download the app " T-audio" from App Store
    • Turn on your mixer, plug in a white USB Wi-Fi stick ( included in the package)
    • Go to "Settings" on the phone, then go to "Wi-Fi", click on "DSP_AUDIO_xxxxx" to connect to the mixer
    • Go back to the app, click on "Connect" on the upper left corner and now it is ready to use.

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